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Les 239 personnes enlevées à Gaza ont un visage et un nom

Leurs familles ont un seul objectif : les retrouver vivants et en bonne santé

Plus d’un mois s’est écoulé depuis le 7 octobre, jour où 240 Israéliens ou travailleurs étrangers ont été kidnappés en Israël pour être conduits dans la bande de Gaza par les terroristes du Hamas : des enfants, des bébés, des femmes, des hommes et des personnes âgées. Leurs familles ne savent rien ou presque : s’ils sont toujours en vie, blessés, s’ils reçoivent de la nourriture, de l’eau ou des soins médicaux.

Si des efforts internationaux sont déployés pour les libérer, avec l’intervention du gouvernement américain, de l’Égypte et du Qatar, leurs familles remuent elles aussi ciel et terre avec un seul objectif : les retrouver, vivants et en bonne santé.

A Said Hisham Shaaban

Adar Tamir , 38A farmer with an innate love of working the land, he is also a sports enthusiast.

Adar Yafa, 85A woman who loves life and her grandchildren.

Ahimas Tomer, 20

Albag Liri, 18With a heart of gold, her life revolves around music and the arts.

Alexander Edan, 19

Aloni Daniel, 45Loves life and her young daughter.

Aloni Emilia, 5Loves doing puzzles.

Angrest Matan, 21Loves fitness and working out.

Argamani Noa, 26

Ariev Karina, 19Loves the field of cosmetics, makeup and beauty, and wants to make a career in it someday.

Atzili Aviv, 49

Avigdori Noam , 12Charismatic, energetic, and caring of others, she organizes activities and birthday celebrations for her friends, and volunteers frequently.

Avigdori Sharon, 52A therapist specializing in special needs and disabled children.

Avraham Elma, 84A talented woman with hands that improve everything they touch. Her house is filled with her own creations: sculpture, paintings, and ceramics.

Baruch Uriel, 35A lover of techno music who enjoys partying and having a good time.

Beinin Atzili Liat, 49An educator in a variety of domains and an India expert.

Beizer Nik, 19A handyman, who can fix anything. He loves cooking.

Ben Ami Ohad, 55Level-headed and serious, but still with a great sense of humor, he is talented at solving problems.

Ben Ami Raz, 57An interdisciplinary artist.

Benjamin Ron, 53Likes bike-riding, and is a beloved husband, father, brother, and uncle.

Berger Agam, 19Volunteers with people who have special needs and with children who have learning difficulties 

Berman Gali, 26

Berman Ziv, 26

Bibas Ariel, 4An energetic redhead, he loves anything with wheels and a motor.

Bibas Kfir, 10Recently started crawling and rocking on all fours, he accepts everyone and is always smiling. 

Bibas Shiri, 32The heart and bedrock of the family.

Bibas Yarden, 34A lover of premium meats, he proposed to his wife at the famous Dario Cecchini restaurant in Italy.

Bohbot Elkana, 34He enjoys music festivals and traveling around the world.

Braslavski Rom, 19

Brodutch Hagar, 40A talented baker, she loves traveling and camping with his entire family.

Brodutch Ofry, 10Musically gifted, plays the guitar, and is a fan of Queen, The Beatles and John Lennon. 

Brodutch Oria, 4Loves playing soccer with his big brother, and eating ice cream with his family.

Brodutch Yuval, 8Loves building complex Lego sets, playing soccer, and playing on the Xbox with his little brother. A fan of Hapoel Be’er Sheva soccer team.

Buchshtab Yagev, 34A musician and talented cook, he has dedicated his life to caring for animals.

Buskila Esther Amit, 28

Chaimi Tal, 42A very involved father, and a humble guy. Third generation resident of his kibbutz.

Chen Itai, 19

Cohen Eliya 

Cohen Nimrod, 19Studied software engineering in high school. Loves computer games, traveling and solving Rubik’s Cube.

Cohen Sapir, 29A kind and softspoken software engineer, she is always willing to lend a helping hand and volunteers with Holocaust survivors.

Cooper Amiram, 84A man of peace, a poet, and a composer.

Cunio Ariel, 26He is engaged to get married, works in the hi-tech industry and is an avid meat eater.

Cunio David, 33After studying electrical engineering, he established a flourishing business in a kibbutz.

Cunio Ema, 3Born in a kibbutz she loves trucks and machinery.

Cunio Sharon Aloni, 34An executive consultant, her twin girls are the love of her life.

Cunio Yuly, 3Sweet, innocent and a true kibbutz child.

Dancyg Alexander , 75

Danino Ori, 24A fan of Beitar Jerusalem soccer club, he loves a good party. 

David Evyatar, 23Never misses a Friday evening out with friends. Sings and plays the guitar.

Dekel Chen Sagui, 35

Elgarat Itzhk, 68A man of the world, he loves traveling and nature. Devoted fan of the Maccabi Tel Aviv soccer team.

Elyakim Dafna, 14

Elyakim Ela, 8

Engel Mika, 18Volunteers with special needs children. Admires the band Tuna and loves animals.

Engel Ofir, 17A sweet high school senior who loves basketball and is always helping those around him.

Engel Ronen, 54An optimist, he works as a photographer, and is also a senior paramedic.

Engel Yuval, 11Rides horses and loves animals.

Engelbert Karina, 51The family’s bedrock, makes the world’s best alfajores.

Gabay Shani, 26Loves traveling, surfing and parties. Donates to environmental organizations and organizations that care for animals.

Garcovich Dafna, 47Born in Chile and loves to dance.

Gat Carmel, 39Works as an occupational therapist. Loves India.

Gelerenter Itzhak, 56

Gilboa Daniel, 19

Gilboa-Dalal Guy, 22Always surrounded by friends, he loves playing soccer and is a fan of the Maccabi Haifa soccer team.

Goldin Hadar, 32

Goldin Oren, 34A lloving father of twins.

Goldstein – Almog Agam, 17Always community-minded, she helps others in need and spreads joy around her.

Goldstein – Almog Chen, 49A social worker and devoted full-time mother.

Goldstein – Almog Gal, 11Loves playing basketball and even more so soccer, where his preferred position is goalie.

Goldstein – Almog Tal, 9A gifted child with exceptionally high emotional intelligence.

Gonen Romi, 23Sweet-natured and funny, she is a talented dancer and choreographer, a medic, and a guide in the Scouts.

Goren Maya, 56An incredible educator and leader in the Israeli Scouts movement, she is an active contributor to her community.

Goren Shani, 29The funniest girl you’ll meet, with absolutely no filters.

Gritzewsky Ilana, 30An immigrant from Mexico, she loves baking cakes.

Gvili Ran, 24Loves playing guitar and has a passion for motorcycles.

Haggai Gad, 73A musician at heart and a gifted flutist who has engaged in music all his life. He is an amazing cook and has a good sense of humor. 

Haim Yotam, 28

Haiman Inbar, 27Loves the arts and is a member of a graffiti artists group.

Hanum Yeheskel, 32

Har Luis, 70A dedicated grandfather. He immigrated from Argentina, and is well known for his culinary skills and impressive dance moves. 

Heiman Ditza, 81The thread that ties her family together, she is famous for her special “grandma’s” soup.

Herkin Maxim, 35Studies computer sciences at the Open University of Israel.

Hersh Goldberg Polin, 23Moved to Israel in 2008 and is a Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team fan.

Horn Eitan, 37He loves his job, as a representative of the Jewish Agency in Peru. A fan of Hapoel Be’er Sheva soccer team.

Horn Iair, 45A devoted fan of the Hapoel Be’er Sheva soccer team. A former radio anchor in Argentina.

Idan Tsachi, 51

Illarramendi Saizar Iván, 46

Illouz Guy, 26A songwriter who plays the guitar and works as a sound engineer with top Israeli musicians.

Jacob Or, 17

Jacob Yagil, 13

Kalderon Erez , 12A natural charmer with the humor of a standup comic, he plays the trumpet and loves animals, and has a horse called Tinkerbell.

Kalderon Ofer, 53Charming and a talented carpenter, he also rides mountain bikes professionally.

Kalderon Sahar , 16Loves art, painting and music.

Kalfon Segev, 25Always knows how to make everyone around him laugh. Loves parties and dancing.

Kaplun Dror, 68A family man, he loves reading books and listening to podcasts.

Katz Asher Aviv, 2

Katz Asher Raz, 4

Katz Doron, 34

Katz Ravid, 51A teacher by profession, he often works with at-risk youth. He loves traveling, going on adventures, and cooking.

Katzir Elad, 47Led the struggle to retrieve the bodies of Israeli soldiers who were kidnapped to Gaza.

Katzir Hanna, 77The kind of person to give up all her earthly possessions to help anyone in need. Her family is the love of her life.

Kedar Ofra, 70

Kimenfeld Denil, 65

Kirsht Rimon, 36Works in alternative medicine, loves gardening, and dedicates her life to caring for animals.

Korenberg Hand Emily Tony, 9

Kozlov Andrey, 27

Krivoi Roni, 25Loves traveling and going to parties.

Kupershtein Bar, 22The kind of person who will always help change a person’s flat tire, even when dressed in white.

Leimberg Mia, 17

Leinmberg Gabriela, 59

Levy Eitan, 53Known for his big heart, he lends an attentive ear to everyone. He loves animals.

Levy Naama, 19

Levy Or, 33

Libman Elyakim, 24

Lifshitz Oded, 83A lifelong peace and human rights activist. He drives Gazans to Israeli hospitals to receive medical care.

Lobanov Alex, 32Loves camping and four-wheel-drive trips. Volunteers in a roadside assistance NGO.

Mangisto Abera, 36

Mansour Shlomo, 85Always available to help those in need, he enjoys fixing old toys with his grandchildren and maintains a beautiful garden.

Margalit Nili , 41Loves her dog, Natchy-Natch.

Marman Clara Rosa , 63A retired kindergarten teacher, she works with the elderly, children and families at risk. Famous for her delicious desserts.

Marman Fernando Simon , 60A warm family man who helps everyone and finds a solution for every problem with his golden hands, loves football.

Meir Jan Almog , 21

Metzger Tamar, 78Likes watching telenovelas, and is a voracious reader. Enjoys times of peace and quiet.

Metzger Yoram, 80Loves the Beatles, and plays the accordion and recorder flute.

Miran Omri, 46A man with a kind soul and good friends.

Mor Eitan Abraham, 23Loves sports and engages in body building, is very fond of animals.

Moshe Adina, 72A full-time grandmother, she loves cooking, baking and reading.

Mozes Gadi Moshe, 79

Mozes Margalit Berta, 77A devoted grandmother, dedicated nature lover and birdwatcher. She loves hiking and knitting.

Munder Abraham, 78Sings in a choir and loves playing with his grandchildren, especially doing puzzles with them.

Munder Keren, 54An admired teacher for childreen with special needs, and also a children’s volley ball coach.

Munder Ruth, 78Loves painting, knitting and sewing.

Munder zachri Ohad, 9A gifted boy who loves his friends, tennis and soccer.

Neutra Omer, 22

Nimrod Tamir, 19

Nisenbaum Michel, 59

Ohana Yosef, 23Loves cycling, traveling around the country, and camping out. Always drops everything to help his family and friends.

Ohel Alon, 22A gifted pianist who loves music and celebrating life.

Or Alma, 13

Or Avinathan, 30An electrical engineer and a fantastic cook.

Or Dror, 48

Or Liam, 18

Or Noam, 17

Pacheco Gelienor, 33A caretaker for the elderly from the Philippines.

Peri Chaim, 79A peace activist who drives Gazans to and from medical treatments in Israel, and an artist who established an art gallery and winery in the middle of the desert.

Peri Channa, 79A retiree who loves exercise and knitting. Originally immigrated from South Africa. She is a diabetic.

Popplewell Nadav, 51An avid reader.

Regev Itay, 18He loves life, surfing and playing soccer.

Regev Maya, 21Loves exercising, doing yoga and running.

Roitman Ofelia, 77An immigrant from Argentina, she has been an educator her entire life.

Roman Gat Yarden, 36

Rotem – Shoshani Hila, 13Friendly and kind-hearted, she loves TikTok, sushi and riding her skateboard.

Rotem Raaya, 54Works at a printing press and is a certified acupuncturist.

Rudaeff Lior, 61

Sagi Ada, 75A teacher of language and of Arabic, she is a kind, peace-loving person.

Samerano yonathan Mordechai , 21

Sarusi Almog, 26

Schem Mia, 21

Scherman Ron, 19Imigrated from Argentina to Israel.

Shamriz Alon Lulu, 26Part of the Shaar Hanegev basketball team, he is enrolled to begin computer engineering studies.

Shani Amit , 16A gifted high school student, who loves surfing and skateboarding

Sharabi Eli, 51

Sharabi Yossi, 53Lives on a kibbutz. 

Shaul Oron, 30

Shem Tov Omer, 21

Shoham Adi, 38

Shoham Gani Yahel, 3

Shoham Nave, 8

Shoham Tal, 38

Shoshan Haran, 66

Shtivi Idan, 28

Siegel Adrienne (Aviva) , 62A beloved kindergarten teacher, adored by children wherever she goes.

Siegel Samuel Keith, 64A loving father and grandfather, he works as an occupational therapist.

Soussana Amit, 40Loves playing tennis, watching “The Sopranos,” and her three cats. 

Steinbrecher Doron, 30A veterinarian nurse with a true passion for animals, she is always the first to help.

Svirsky Itai, 35Known for his kind and gentle smile, he has a degree in psychology and economics.

Tal Merav, 53

Tarshansky Gali, 13

Tati Irena, 73Immigrated to Israel with her family a few years ago.

Toledano Elia, 27An event planner, his daily routine consists of making others happy.

Trupanob Alexander (Sasha), 28Sasha has a good sense of humor and infinite sensitivity. He studies electrical engineering and enjoys exercising. 

Trupanob Yelena, 50A kind and modest woman, she fulfilled her dream of moving to Israel from Russia a few years ago.

Tzarfati Ofir, 27Electrical engineering student, he loves surfing and is an ardent fan of Maccabi Haifa.

Waiss Judith, 65A loving full-time grandmother. She loves culture, sports, traveling, and baking. 

Weinstein Judy, 70An English teacher, who teaches mindfulness and meditation for children.

Weiss Ilan, 56A devoted family man.

Weiss Noga, 18She loves hanging out with her friends and working with children.

Weiss Shiri, 53An accountant, she is always the one who organizes every family trips.

Wenkert Omer, 22A manager at a gourmet restaurant, he dreams of one day being a food critic.

Yablonka Chanan, 42

Yahalomi Eitan, 12A gifted boy who enjoys playing soccer and reading fantasy literature.

Yahalomi Ohad, 49Loves the outdoors, adored by his friends and family.

Yair Yaakov, 59

Yanai Moran Stela, 40A talented jewelry designer who is just starting out.

Yehoud Arbel, 28

Yehoud Dolev, 35

Yerushalmi Eden, 24Works as a bartender and enjoys life.

Zalmanowicz Arie, 85A peace activist and expert at growing wheat in the Negev desert, he enjoys growing potatoes and peanuts.

Zangauker Matan, 24Very interested in model airplanes and ancient coins. 

Zecharya Eden, 28Has two dogs and is a very spiritual woman.

Ziv Shlomi, 40A family man who is always the first to act and help. Loves reading and studying history.


L’article Les 239 personnes enlevées à Gaza ont un visage et un nom est apparu en premier sur Tribune Juive.

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